Many people ask the question “will professional carpet cleaning work better than a shampooer?” So is it really necessary to pay someone to come in and clean your carpets? We would say yes, and this blog will explain the multiple reasons why professional cleaning is more effective.

kittanning carpet cleaningFirst of all, many carpet manufacturers will actually void a warranty if you do not have your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least once a year. Maintaining clean carpets is very important, but is often overlooked by many carpet sales representatives. So why not clean your carpets yourself? The machine that most professional organizations use will do much more than a residential shampooer that the average person will buy.

The Problem With Cleaning Yourself 

In carpet cleaning, you do get what you pay for.  A $500 household cleaning machine will not do as well as a $25,000 professional machine. We often see when people get a spot on their carpet, they try many different things to clean it. However, depending on your cleaning methods, sometimes you can actually set that spot, which chemically bonds it to the carpet. This in turn creates a permanent stain, which cannot be removed. If the cleaners used on the spot are not the correct choice, your chances of eliminating that spot are lowered drastically.

The USA Flooring Cleaning Process

Our unique dual-step process of preconditioning and fresh water rinsing leaves your carpet residue free from harmful soil and detergents. We use a powerful truck-mount extraction system to remove years of dirt and unwanted particles.  It’s the system recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Our technicians are certified by the International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration and dedicated to your satisfaction.

So for the reasons we have provided above, professional steam cleaning does in fact do a better job than a residential shampooer, which will prolong the life of your carpet.