Digital Imaging Printing techniques are changing the flooring industry in several types of flooring but especially in Luxury Vinyl Flooring.   

Here are 5 Benefits of Digital Imaging in Luxury Vinyl Flooring:

  1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is definitely the hottest flooring product on the market right now, and due to the amazing realistic look provided by the digital imaging, homeowners can have that look of marble, slate, hardwood flooring, travertine and ceramic tile without the price tag.
  2. The Realistic Texture (Relief) of digital imaging used in these types of flooring is so realistic that even the texture makes you believe it’s the real thing. It’s extremely difficult to tell the difference.
  3. Another benefit of choosing digitally printed Luxury Vinyl Flooring over real hardwood, marble, slate, stone or travertine is the price.  The price point is significantly lower than these other types of flooring, so it is extremely affordable so you can stick to your tight budget.
  4. The location of application is also much more flexible with LVT, so you can use them in such places as damp basements or bathrooms, where moisture would be an issue with natural materials or carpeting.  
  5. Installation of these LVT & LVP digitally printed flooring creates much less mess, takes less time and is, therefore, less expensive for installation, which makes them even more affordable.  

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