Today Dave will educate us on the multiple options available today when you’re ready to make your bathroom the practical and stylish room you’ve imagined it could be.  Dave has helped thousands of people create the bathroom they have been dreaming of. There are several things to consider before you make a decision. You will want a material that is mold resistant and can stand up to hard cleaners that most homeowners & business owners use to kill germs in bathrooms.  Your floor should also be able to handle that unexpected tub, toilet or sink overflow.

Although there are many options, the two most popular today are Vinyl Flooring and Ceramic Tile.  You can purchase Vinyl Flooring in several ways. There are Vinyl Sheets, and Vinyl Planking (LVT- Luxury Vinyl Tile), which has been developed to look just like ceramic tile, marble, hardwood floors and more due to the technology available today.  Vinyl is less expensive than ceramic and has that nice warm and soft feel.

Ceramic Tile opens up your options in creativity that is almost limitless.  You can choose different sizes, designs, colors, textures and also choose different patterns to lay the tile, which also gives it a different look each time.  Additionally, you can choose to carry your ceramic tile on to the walls of your bathroom for a unique look. Many people also choose to use ceramic tile in their showers as well. Dave can demonstrate even more of your individual style here.  He can use mosaics, complementary tiles or even create little nooks for your soap, hair products or even a wine area if that’s your desire. The options are limitless.

So, stop by at USA Flooring to speak to one of our experts regarding which flooring is the right one for your home.  Or you can give us a call at 724-548-7844.