In today’s Episode of “What’s New at USA Flooring”, Dave is giving us an overview of the many flooring types to choose from at USA Flooring.  Dave knows that everyone’s flooring needs are different, so he educates each customer on the many options that he offers. Following is a list of the variety of flooring options to choose from at USA Flooring:


  1. Carpeting:  Customers can choose from Berber, Plush, Patterned and many more types of carpeting, and there is an almost endless supply of colors to fit your purpose or taste.  Also, don’t forget we are the experts in carpet cleaning in order to extend the life of your carpet.
  2. Tile: Today customers are using tile for a variety of purposes. They can be used for backsplashes, shower walls, shower floors, kitchen floors, and many more.  Tile also comes in a very large variety of styles today. Some tile has been developed to look like marble, while others look like hardwood, but with the durability and water resistance of tile.  
  3. Hardwoods:  USA Flooring carries a variety of hardwood flooring styles in a number of price ranges to fit your needs.
  4. Luxury Vinyl Tile:  LVT is engineering to look like real hardwood or tile, but with a much more affordable price tag.  It is water resistant and durable and will make your home look beautiful for many years.
  5. Laminate Flooring: This flooring has been used for years and is a very attractive and affordable flooring choice.
  6. Carpet Remnants: Don’t forget that Carpet Remnants are one of the most affordable options available and can be used in almost any room of your home.    


It’s obvious that the experts at USA Flooring can assist you in finding a flooring option that will fit your style and budget.  We will also handle all of your flooring installations and guarantee that your installation is done right with 100% Customer Satisfaction.   


Stop by at USA Flooring to speak to one of our experts regarding which flooring is the right one for your home.  Or you can give them a call at 724-548-7844.