On today’s episode of “What’s New at USA Flooring”, Dave is educating us on the history of carpet padding in the USA and the variety of options available to consumers today.  In the early 1900’s, the only option available was cattle hair woven together into a pad.  By the 1950’s the carpet industry had developed rubber padding which began to take more of the market share.  It was very heavy and wore well but expensive to make

Today the industry has moved almost entirely to the use of Polyurethane Padding.  The Rubber Padding is still available but the heaviness & price are a deterrent to most customers.  Felt Padding is also available today.  It is the replacement for the Cattle Hair Padding but is now made with synthetic materials.  But the Polyurethane Padding is the most common due to the great price, durability and the environmentally friendly makeup.  

Carpet Padding deserves the popularity with customers due to the benefits it adds to the carpet experience.  It provides softness, shock absorption, sound absorption and keeps our homes warmer because of the insulation it adds.  

Additional characteristics available include different densities such as 4 lb., 6 lb., and

8 lb.  The higher the density will provide more durability, shock absorption and insulation.  Customers can also choose from padding with different thickness, which includes ¼ in., ⅜ in., 7/16 in., and ½ in.  A spill block feature is also available for customers worried about pet accidents and drink spills.  This layer blocks the spill from absorbing into the padding and shortening its life.  The Polyurethane Padding can also come in solid Polyurethane called Prime Padding,  or in Rebond Padding that is made from recycled Prime Polyurethane which is less expensive and the most popular today.  

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