In this episode of “What’s New At USA Flooring”, Dave describes the different options available today with Hardwood Flooring.  Long ago, hardwood flooring was just for the very wealthy.  It was so time consuming to have a craftsman come to a home and custom cut and install every board, that it was far too expensive for the average hard working person.  Today, there are so many options to choose from with the style, texture, finishes and installation of hardwood flooring that it makes it very appealing to most homeowners.  


The ¾ inch Solid Hardwoods are usually the most expensive, but are very beautiful.  Competing with that market, would be the Engineered Hardwoods.  The are made by cutting the wood into thinner slices than the ¾ and then cross-plying it with either more hardwood or a different backing.  This makes a more durable product and can therefore be cut into wider planks.  This wider plank look it very attractive and has therefore become extremely popular.  There is also Rotary Peeled Hardwoods.  This is manufactured similarly to the engineered hardwood, except the slice of wood on the top layer is an extremely thin (peeled)  slice of the wood.  This obviously is less expensive, but is not as attractive as the Engineered.  


Homeowners can also choose from a variety of textures and finishes to fit their style.  There are hand-scraped textures that give the wood that rough look; or the traditional high gloss polyeurethane finish or a satin finish to show less “wear”.   Installation can also vary depending on which floor of your house you are covering.  Most “above grade” flooring can be nailed in with no problem.  But if you are covering a basement floor, it would be best to have the wood glued to the floor or just use a floating method.


USA Flooring would also like to give a shout-out to Dillon and Dean…thanks for all your wonderful support.  Whatever flooring type you are interested in, the experts at USA Flooring can explain the options available for your specific flooring needs.  Stop in at USA Flooring to speak to the professionals that can explain all the beautiful styles available, or give them a call at 724-548-7844.